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Summary of Valcom Safety Program

Valcom Enterprises, Inc. established the full-time position of safety director in 1988 to meet the on-site safety needs of employees. Valcom supplies our employees with all safety equipment, personal protective equipment, and required posting and signs required by the individual job sites.

On a weekly basis, the safety director makes a tour of all active job sites to accomplish the following important tasks.

1. General walk-through and safety assessment of potential hazards specific to the site and recommends remediation of problems identified.

2. At each site visit, all Valcom employees are gathered together for a safety meeting that covers construction safety and how it relates to their job. This allows for a short review of specific problems and preventative measures.

Specific Training Provided:

  • First Aid/CPR - Annual certification and training to field employees
  • Power truck training - Certified as job requires
  • Powder actuated tools ? Annual certification of new personnel
  • Laser training - All personnel assigned lasers are certified
  • Scaffolding training - Personnel are trained in the basics of scaffolding erection, maintenance, and safety
  • Basic electrical safety and proper use of ground labels fault interrupter plugs
  • Basic understanding of MSDS information and attending labels

All field personnel are required to inspect daily all equipment assigned and tag-out for repair any equipment not meeting a safe standard.

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